Friday, May 13, 2016

Word-smithing In Progress!

I may not be slaving over an anvil and forge right now. The act of writing is generally less physically labor intensive as black-smithing. Still, I am at work on generating words and putting them into correct order. Today, the majority of my work was off line. I am not entirely pleased with my work, to be honest. I feel that the vast majority of what I produced today was dross.

Still, I am putting in the effort and plying my trade as best I can. Blog posts have been difficult for me because I simply wasn't sure what to share. Spending several days trying to write your way out of a creative hole is not exactly much fun. It also does not lead to entertaining reading. (I did have some vexation over shenanigans I was witness to on the internet earlier this week. It lead to my writing my first script ever. It is a very off the cuff and rough bit. Still, if you want to take a look here is the link. It is satire and there is a bit of adult language.)

Right now, I am steadily working through the process of getting a manuscript ready for publication. I think that I am nearing the final stages of the editing process. Line edits are painfully tedious but necessary part of the process. I find myself optimistic that the text is ready. The next major step is the development of covers and the blurb. I will be posting previews of the covers when I have them ready. It will be a few weeks.

I am a loss for how to proceed on a few projects relating to the world of the Umbrel Chronicles. I think, however, inspiration will come. At the very least, I will find a solution through the sheer volume of work that I will write until I reach that point of inspiration.

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