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Here are the links to the 'table of contents' pages for the serial stories I have running here. Each story is posted on here on a weekly basis. I denote what location in the world where things are happening. They will feature adult themes in some cases. I will note which stories have the explicit content.

All work should be read with a grain of proverbial salt. This is a world that I am still in the process of building. The general focus of the story of this world is epic fantasy and horror. There are stories that are lighter and happier but they are in the minority. The content is intended for an audience that is comfortable with adult content, with some allowances for the fact that some of my readers are going to be young adults.

Parents, when considering if you want to introduce your child to my work, decide if you are prepared for questions about the underbelly of human nature and other taboo topics, such as sexuality.

Disclaimer aside, please, take some time to look over the serial stories on here. At some later date, they may be republished as a small novella. It is a question of how much material I have put together in the stories. As per usual, all work is the property of myself. I retain all rights. Please respect this.

Dacia's War - This is the story of the desert empire of Dacia. Ruled by the High Priestess of Yulara (lady of the rivers, fertility, and all things plant) and her consort, the High Priest of Ashur (the god of the desert, storms, and war), the Empire has come under threat from malcontents within, a neighboring kingdom, and the wild tribesmen of the northern mountains. Empress Mina has broken with tradition, bringing her lover Sorenan (the Lion of the North) into her marriage with Marcos. This creates greater conflict into the politics of a place somewhere between the matriarchy of the elders and the patriarchy of their neighbors. The gods move through their priesthood and the blessed. What shall become of the Empire and its rulers?

The Iron Lily - This is the story of the kingdom of Ranyth. The king has sent a journeyman builder upon a dangerous mission to the southern holdings of his cousin. The black priests of the god of sorrows and deception move to crush their opposition as their politically ambitious leader and his allies try to cut off the support of the king. In all of this, Halthor Sigridsonne learns of the truth of his birth and something of his place within the confusing tapestry of fate. In it all, he bears with him the arms of the blessed Elfin maid who has long supported the ruling lineage. Now, things are shifting and the Iron Lily is becoming less of a simple stylized design and a mark of something dangerous. In it all, Halthor bears hidden upon his person one of the treasures of the kingdom to safe keeping. Or does something else await him in the south?

The Plains of Llyrian - To the north-east of Ranyth is the windswept grasslands known as the Plains of Llyrian. Originally known as the High Reaches or the Marches of Elspar and Corinth, this land was once a verdant place of prosperity. Then came the fall of the line of Llyrian of the Golden Hair. With that fall, it is said that these plains were cursed. 

The Deamon's Kiss - To be posted soon. Check back 2/14/17!

Future serial stories are in various stages of draft. New updates to Dacia's War and the Iron Lily will be coming on 2/2/17 and 2/16/17 respectively. Updates to the serial stories will be happening on a weekly basis now, alternating on which is updated each week. Completed stories will be noted with a .

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