Work in Progress!

If it is not clear, I am a novelist. I will have some links here (with pictures) for the books that I have available for purchase. In addition to the Umbrel Chronicles series, I will have a few interesting tidbits available that can only be acquired through here. Some of this may include merchandise. Look for new material on this page over the course of the next few months.

Books will be available in digital and print formats. I will have coupon codes for people who follow the links on this page to acquire their books.

The merchandise will begin to make itself known not long after Midsummer. It will all be handmade. Keep your eyes open, folks, because some of this stuff is going to be things that are going to run fairly parallel to what people in this fantasy world use. That is your big, mysterious hint as to what I am working on.

Also, people who choose to contribute support via Paypal or other platforms will receive honorable mention and randomly distributed surprises. This can range from a thank you note written out in the style of illuminated calligraphy manuscripts like what you could get from the nobles of my little world to hand made bookmarks, to more interesting things.


The Umbrel Chronicles of Evandar

Vol I: The Dragon's Daughter

Vol II: The Dragon Child of Evandar

Vol III: Shadow Fall

Thora, the true High Queen of Evandar flees into the forest of Dragonwood with her protector, Cormac the leader of the Foresters. The journey to Ranyth for aid continues for her loyal friend Cyndhilde and her companion. To the south, Dragonwood Keep simmers with rising evil.

Hardcover available at (with 10% discount)

Softcover available at CreateSpace.

E-book is pending.

Vol IV: Shades of Twilight