Monday, May 23, 2016

The History of the World (Part 2)

In the previous post, I covered much focusing upon the history of the kingdom of Evandar and immediate environs. East of Evandar lies the kingdom of Ranyth, whose fate is closely entwined with Evandar's. The elves of Evandar passed through Ranyth to the mountains that stand north of this kingdom and the grassland of the Plains of Llyrian. Evandar is a place of pluralities. Ranyth, however, is more a place of less robust diversity. This is partly due to the fact that unlike Evandar, Ranyth has been a single kingdom for a substantial period of time. It is also due to the fact that the people of Ranyth tend towards somewhat xenophobic attitudes.

The hostility of Ranyth towards outsiders arose due to the waves of assault that it had endured over the ages. During the era before the Great War, Ranyth was caught up in wars with the kingdoms to the south. The Cyrenaican Empire sought to unify the lands around the Sea of Dreams. Their successes against their neighbors on the southern shores of the Sea of Dreams made them bold. Thus the Empire set its forces in motion against Ranyth and its satellite holdings along the eastern shores of the Sea of Dreams. Ranyth was embroiled in this conflict when the Great War broke out.

The Cyrenaican Empire took hold of the satellite lands of Norcium and Muretania as Ranyth was struggling with the deamonic incursions. These incursions drove the kingdom of Ranyth out of their place along the Sea of Dreams except for a few ports nestled in the end of the mountain range known as the Dragon's Teeth. The size of Ranyth was reduced by approximately half when the Great War was done and the Cyrenaican Empire deemed the mountainous boundaries to the south of Ranyth too great of a problem to continue their campaign of unification. The Empire also found itself unable to continue its aggressive expansion campaigns due to uprisings in Epirus, a region that was under great stress due to the deamonic forces and their allies on their eastern front and due to the way the Empire focused a significant amount of recruitment for their armies from this zone.

Following the Cyrenacian Empire's pressures on Ranyth's south-eastern neighbor, Bythynia, the people known as the Kordid/Cordid/The Riders, were driven into diaspora. These tribes moved into the grasslands Elspar, which has been known for seven generations as the Plains of Llyrian and considered cursed. The peoples native to Elspar put pressure on the Kordid and scattered the tribes after many conflicts. The Kordid were then driven into Ranyth. There was a period of conflict through northern Ranyth during the westward migration of the Kordid. They were driven farther north in some cases. In other cases, uneasy peace was made between the tribes and the people of Ranyth. And there were many tribes driven east back into the Plains of Llyrian.

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