Friday, January 19, 2018

Writing by hand slower by the hour, more by the week?

My goal is to get my handwritten daily word count up to what I can do on a slow day typing. I can get around 350 words written in a half hour. That isn't a bad rate, when I'm not distracted. My goal is to double that. 700 words an hour is pretty good. Two hours of dedicated, undisturbed, and not distracted writing time could get me to where a manuscript would be complete in a month or two. The trick is managing to hit that consistently.

I am trying to approach this like spinning by hand. Spin when I have the opportunity and I'll manage a mile of thread by the end of the month. Write when I have the chance, I'll manage a novel length manuscript by the end of the month.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Finally getting back to work.

After about two months of letting this manuscript sit on a shelf, I have finally gotten back to working on my handwritten manuscript from NaNoWriMo last year. I'm not super proud of it. It is still a rambling mess, but I'm trying. And that is all that matters, right?

I'll post occasional word count updates and excerpts that I'm pleased with. Editing on book four has hit a snag. I lost my place after putting it down for a bout a week. As such, I'm starting over again at the beginning. This is the last time I will not put some kind of comment in where I stopped working.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Transferring notes.

So, I think I hate transferring notes. I have such a pile that I want to burn stuff and start over again. But I kinda need them. It's upsetting and frustrating. I'd say more, but I've got life stuff making problems for me.

Serial Stories Suspended

Hi there,

My notes are utter chaos. I'm still in the process of transferring everything into one cohesive notebook. I'm beginning to think I'm a bit of an idiot for attempting to do that. Because I have so much stuff just laying about everywhere. It's a bit of a problem. So, until I can even find my notes for the serial stories, I need to put them on hold. I'm sorry.

In other news, Llamas of Judgment is the name of my notebook that holds my bullet journal for writing. Because Llamas are hard task masters. And you don't want to get on Carl's bad side.

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Current random thought: I wonder which spit farther, a llama or a camel?

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Craft of Writing: Llamas of Judgment are JUDGING me.

The Llamas of Judgment are JUDGING me right now. As you can tell, my bullet journal has blank weekly pages. No work has really been getting done on anything. Today, I spent some time attempting to organize notes. Yesterday, I spent some time drafting out plans for posts for my various blogs. Total time actually writing, however, has been functionally zero. I honestly don't feel like I can count the writing I am doing for therapy stuff or my personal journal towards my word count on anything for the day.

After months of not drawing anything, I have the beginnings of a sketch in the herbal. I drew it out with a drafting pencil. It was nothing fancy. I have yet to add color or anything else to it. The Llama of Judgment is not happy because this is still incomplete despite my having time to work on it today. I did crochet and cleaned my project room instead.  Also, I'm finally getting caught up on the heaps of laundry that needed done.

Why have I been spending so much time on stuff that is not writing? Simple, my anxiety has been really bad over the last several days. To the point that I have been having problems with my PTSD. I am pretty sure it is stress over things like money that has my anxiety so bad, but there's also been stuff coming up in flashbacks that I wasn't prepared for. I'm not entirely sure how to handle that. Silence, however, is not an option.

And I am not going to allow my depression to keep me from blogging anymore. That's not happening now. You get to go on the whirlygig ride of my moods too. Who knows, maybe you'll find something interesting in all of this. At worst, you will see my humanity. That's not such a bad thing.

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This week's prompt: What is your biggest wish in the whole world?

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Book Review: New Collected Poems of Robert Graves

Title: New Collected Poems
Author: Robert Graves
Publisher: Doubleday & Co. Date: 1975
I'm probably going to make notes on the poems I like and Grave's style. At least Graves doesn't do everything in lower case, like e.e. cummings.

Very lush and sensual imagery. His lover imagery is very raw and provacative, but also very elusive/wistful. There is also an element of a somewhat dark sesual undertone. It suggests something of a dissatisfaction with the current situation and a burgeoning sense of resentment/depression.

When place in context of Grave's biographical blurb in the preface of the book (written by the editor) it seems to coincide with his stormy relationships. It also is suggestive of a maschoistic aspect in Grave's personality and a desire to be dominated by a powerful woman.

The range of mood swings seen in the poems suggest a manic-depressive element to the poet's personality. I wonder what one would say about my poems and how they reflect upon my psyche.

Note: This was originally published on Livejournal Aug 23, 2006. This entry was a typed version of a handwritten one from an earlier date in my paper reading journal.

Book Review: Idylls of the King

Title: Idylls of the King
Author: Alfred Tennyson
Publisher: Allyn and Bacon Date: 1923

I've enjoyed Tennyson's poetry in the Highwayman and the Lady of Shallot. I suspect that this will be a fairly delightful, romantic rendition of the Authurian myth cycle.

Last night, I read roughly half of this book. Tennyson is clearly drawing off of Mallory's Le Mort Du Arthur for his story elements. His false archaic language is pleasantly quaint, even if a bit forced or awkward at times.

These tales are easy to read but somewhat lacking in substance. He manages to carry the story for a little way and then falls flat. It seems that Tennyson struggles and becomes more focused on the language then the story. It's clear that this was what Monty Python was mocking in their movie The Quest for the Holy Grail.

Note: This was originally published on Livejournal Aug 23, 2006. It is a typed version from a 2002 entry in my written reading journal. I had to correct a few spellings because of how horrid they were.