Saturday, May 21, 2016

Have a little faith.

I honestly didn't think I would be saying this, but I sold out of my hard copies of book one. I have learned a valuable lesson today. Get more than what my pessimistic anxiety says is going to sell. I walked in to this month's spinning guild meeting with three books in my bag. After holding up a copy and giving my elevator pitch to the group, I quickly sold all three copies in around five minutes. And I had several people asking me where they could find it on-line and if I was going to bring copies with me next month.

I walked into the guild meeting feeling like I was going to make one sale. I walked out with all of my books sold and several people interested in acquiring it. I have learned that I really should have more faith in myself. I spent a good while being worried that my elevator pitch was pretty awful. I spent a while being afraid that my work wasn't good enough to see the light of day and worrying that all of this effort to be a 'real' author was just vanity. And then today happens and I learn that I actually can do this.

I am thrilled beyond words. I am humbled by this also. I offered people my book at what functionally was the cost of printing and shipping. They paid me that and a bit more. One person actually gave me double that. I sit here now with enough money to possibly buy dinner for my husband and I. (I don't think, however, he will agree to that just yet. I think he would exhort me to reinvest that into the books.) I haven't stopped smiling all day.

Today is more than just a good day. Today is a magnificent day. I have accomplished a massive goal. Thank you to everyone who has helped make this happen.

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