Thursday, May 5, 2016

New Writing Buddy!

I don't share enough pictures on here. So, I have decided so indulge in a bit of whimsy tonight. Here is the picture of my newest writing buddy. I have sitting on the desktop computer a one-eyed elephant beanie baby. He's named Odin. He happens to be neon pink and he has an aftermarket eye patch that I made from a bit of brown plaid ribbon. It is his left eye that is missing, but I'm not going to be worrying about the authenticity of the little plush pachyderm.

On the tag for my dragon buddy (who is an order of magnitude larger than the elephant, which is proper for all things) the name given is Darla. I'm not feeling much love for this name. Thus, I have decided that they require a new name. Despite being pink with sparkles, the dragon is not female. Nope, this is a gender fluid pushie who is sparkly because of how awesome they are. I ask you, my readers, to suggest names for this mascot! Post your suggestion in the comments. :)


  1. Replies
    1. Dan, I knew I could count on you for the perpetuation of that meme. :D My husband, folks, it is like he reads my mind sometimes. :)

  2. After leaving this open for suggestion for a while, I have decided that I'm going to pick a name from the two. *flips coin*

    The winner is Glitterbomb!