Monday, June 5, 2017

Craft of Writing: My BuJo annoyed me today.

As you can see, I am working still on keeping a bullet journal for all of my writing tasks. I thought I was going to sit down and use one of those 'month at a glance' layouts. After drawing up the calendar and starting to fill things in, I have discovered that I don't have enough room to make adequate notes.

I honestly am thinking I'm never using this layout again. Or at least, not like this.

The sheer volume of different monthly layouts that people have shared on the interwebz is mind boggling. I confess, I got overwhelmed and started to give up before I even got started. Now that I have tried one of the easiest layouts, I have a bit of a better idea of what I'm looking for. The small bullet journal that I am trying to consolidate my various writing work is not going to have the notes for every single little blog post I'm planning. (All of that ink on there is an attempt at blog post planning. I'm running out of room and that is just topic ideas.)

Instead, I am going to start using the notebooks I have started for each blog as where I draft out posts and track what topics I have covered. In the bullet journal, I'm going to have notes on things like deadlines, word count goals for the week, how many posts had a picture with them, and details that are something that can be applied to all the blogs I am working on (like the section I started with all of the html I need to customize my blogs). I am going to stick with keeping each blog with its own colored pen for notation.

I have decided that I'm going to be taking those different colored pens and using them for writing my notes in the respective blog's notebooks. Throw in on top of this the fact that each one has different colored paper, I think I can make this work out well. And transferring the nitty gritty details about each blog to their own notebook means I have a place where I have actual space for writing down notes. I am still trying to decide where I want to keep track of things like viewing statistics. It is a question that I am wrestling with, honestly.

But, I'll talk more about that and some of the other questions about monitoring how well my blogs are performing on another day. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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