Thursday, April 7, 2016

Suddenly, ZOMBIES!

This is a post that has precious little to do with the world of my novels. It is, however, something to let you all know that I have not dropped off the edge of the Earth into the abyss. I recently was in the hospital due to problems with my depressive episode. With the assistance of trained professionals and chemistry, I am at a point where I can declare myself to be somewhat functional. I am not a hundred percent recovered but I am a long way from where I was at when I went into the hospital. It was not a pleasant stay, but I have only had two hospital stays that were pleasant. At the end, I got to bring home my baby and start the newest chapter in my life. This was not happy like that. It was more a case of tweaking medication and trying to find away to get through the grueling drudgery of depression.

Even so, there were a few bright points in my hospital stay. The first one that comes to mind is the lovely nurse who was assigned to me most of the time I was there. Her name was Eris (yes, just like the ancient Hellenic goddess of chaos) and she was from Jamacia. An absolutely lovely woman with a stunning smile, excellent bedside manner, and an infectious laugh. Every time I saw her, I felt like if she can manage to laugh and keep good cheer in the face of dealing with exceptionally difficult patients and gods know what else in her life, then perhaps there is some hope in the world after all.

And then there was the theme of zombies. To steal an expression from a friend of mine, you couldn't swing a dead cat with out hitting something involving zombies through out my stay. It all started on Easter Sunday, by the way. I don't know who decided that Easter Sunday was the day to show zombie movies but it made me laugh. And then it seemed like every time I found the television in the solarium was on, there was something about zombies. (If you're looking for a hilarious group of movies involving the undead, look up the Evil Dead movies. They're fantastic and Bruce Campbell is wonderful.) It did make the dark humor of feeling like I was a zombie due to my medications especially funny.

Somewhere around the time I was getting ready to come home, I found myself batting around the idea of having some cognate to zombies show up in the world of Evandar. I haven't decided on this yet. I am tempted to do so but I don't know if I want to push the horror angle or make them comedic relief. Because you can't do all horror all the time. You need to give your readers a break so they can catch their breath and recover a bit from it all. I personally have found zombies to be funny most of the time, but I keep thinking of movies like Shaun of the Dead when someone says the word zombie.

Right now, I don't feel like the walking dead. I don't feel entirely well, but I am seeing steady improvement as time goes on. I hope to get back to posting more frequently over the next few weeks. I will resume updating the serial story about Halthor and his mysterious hammer this weekend. A brief spoiler regarding that story, the hammer isn't Mjollnir but it is powerful enough to wreck havoc when used creatively. And Halthor is nothing if not creative.

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