Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Slogging forward!

Hello Folks!

I feel a bit guilty that I didn't get to typing this up until the very end of my day. I have spent my day essentially staring at the screen going 'wut r werds?' and feeling like I was trying to think through mud. When I wasn't sitting here feeling as useful as a bump on a log, I found myself trying to decide what I was going to do next for my history posts and what region I was going to describe next. It is a bit silly, but I have a small problem with the fact that I have an abundance of material to work from and I can't quite pick where to start.

I have been slowly adding to my music collection for inspirational work. I can't get enough of the work of Nathan Lanier. I really enjoy the lush quality of his atmospheric work. Cinematic doesn't feel like a strong enough word for what he has been creating. I have also found myself getting caught up in the artistic stylings of Epic Soul Factory. Their work is really beautiful and brings all kinds of scenes and situations to mind.

At present, I will be delayed on my next post in the Iron Lily series. Tomorrow, I am going to be busy with all the duties that go into being Mom and finding out how well we have been doing with teaching the boys how to take care of their teeth. The eldest had his visit last Wednesday and it went well. I think the youngest will have a good one too. I am in the process of drafting out more material for Dacia's War. Let's say that the first set of 23 posts is chapter one in that story. Don't worry, you haven't seen the last of Mina, Marcos, or Sorenan.

Work on volume seven of the Umbrel Chronicles is currently stalled. I am in the progress of editing the earlier volumes, though, so work still continues upon the Great Work. I have even got a little bit of stuff on map drawing in the works. I hope to present you something better than that rough sketch that I slapped up here months ago. It may be a little while, though. Because I'm still figuring this out as I go along. But that's the grand part of this adventure, right?

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