Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A question for the Readers.

Hi everyone!

I am a little bit under the weather right now. This is making it difficult for me to concentrate to get quality writing up here. It is also making inspiration something that is in short supply here. I wanted to ask you all to help me out with something.

One of the things that really inspires me when I am writing is music. In the comments, please recommend the music that you feel is best suited to writing high fantasy (or any other genre, I'm not picky). With your recommendation, please state what you like about the work you are suggesting. I am looking to build a new writing playlist and I am somewhat overwhelmed by what is out there.

Also, I am doing something of an informal poll. Should my next serial story be folklore of Evandar or should it be something more like Dacia's War, a longer story that is told in a series of snapshots. Again, note your feelings in the comments on the post. I am torn between the two options and I need your help to decide what is going to be next.

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