Thursday, September 24, 2015

Serial Story: Dacia

Here's all the links to the story set in Dacia. I will update this post with future links as the next installments go live.

Part I: Abraxas & Soreanan

Part II: Sorenan & Mina

Part III: The Sons of Omourath

Part IV: The General Zalaz

Part V: The High Council of Dacia

Part VI: Of Lions and Eagles

Part VII: Ashur's Will

Part IIX: Shadows of the Storm

Part IX: Julara's Mercy, Ashur's Wrath

Part X: The Confession of Zafar the Betrayer

Part XI: On the banks of Is

Part XII: False Dawn

Part IXX: Desert's Edge

Part XX: The Road to Zard Kuh (Part I)

Part XX I: The Road to Zard Kuh (Part II)

Part XX II: The Road to Zard Kuh (Part III)

Part XX III: Floods in the Desert

Part XX IV: The Blood of Kings and Paupers

Part XX V: Lady of the North Ascends

Part XX VI: Departure

Part XX VII: Al-Uzza's Bane

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