Thursday, September 24, 2015

An idea, but I'm not sure how to use it.

I was washing dishes and getting ready to make dinner when this went through my mind. I don't know which of the next books it will be used in, but I am definitely going to be using this.

"We need not trouble ourselves over women," Askemb scoffed, "They are weak creatures that follow the wind's will."

Axeron turned his eerie gaze upon the High King of Evandar. "The wise fear the daughters of men. The sons of men are mighty in battle, but the daughters are feared by all," he warned.

Askemb made a dismissive gesture as he reached for his cup. "In ages passed, perhaps," he said, picking up the cup and putting it to his lips. He was in the midst of his drink when Axeron replied.

"Many may have forgotten how to weave upon the loom of bones, with men's entrails for warp and weft. Many may no longer weight the warp with the heads of their foes, use swords for shuttles, or spears as beaters. But there are those who do. You would be wise to fear them, oh king of men," the deamon prince said, "For it is women who take the first portion of the ancestor's sacrifice. It is women who bleed and yet do not die. It is women who tread the road to the gates of life and death. In her fury, a 'mere' woman may slay a man twice her size, even if he is her lover. Underestimate them and they will bring your death on their white hands."

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