Saturday, September 19, 2015


I find inspiration in many places. Right now, it is a bit hard to come by. I think that is due to the combination of stress and brain fog from my allergies. Usually, music is a really big source of inspiration for me. I like to listen to soundtracks of movies and classical works. I have a love of the romantic period Russian composers. I also find inspiration in contemporary music. I am saddened that E.S. Posthumus is no more. Apparently, this was two brothers working together to produce electro-classical works. One of the brothers died and that was the end of E.S. Posthumus.

Taking walks, I sometimes have ideas pop into my mind or solutions to plot problems arise from seemingly nowhere. I highly recommend the practice of taking a daily stroll. It is great exercise and has a lot of health benefits. But the thing I really love about them is the way I always come back from a walk with new ideas for something to write. I wish I had more picturesque surroundings to walk through, like I did when I was growing up on the farm. Still, I have the lake near by and this little town we live in is generally pleasant.

I wish I could say that my children inspired me. It is less that they inspire material as much as they provoke strong emotions which become expressed through my writing. Some days, I am filled with deep love and happiness. Most days, I find myself rather frustrated. By purging my frustration on the page, I find myself having a better grip on how to parent. I suppose everyone needs an outlet for those feelings and mine happens to be the written word.

Pictures and reading about different places in the world (and different periods of history) have always been an enormous source of inspiration. Dacia, the empire that I have a serial I'm working on here, is based in a fantasy version of the empires of Babylon and Assyria. I've taken some liberties with how things are structured and such. At the same time, however, you can see those roots if you look hard enough. I like to draw details from history of our world into my writing because it makes it a bit more meaty.

In case you haven't noticed, I prefer my fantasy with a heavy dose of realism in it. By basing material on existing facts within our world, I make it easier for someone to suspend reality long enough to enjoy the story. I figure because I absolutely love this experience, I should share it with you, my readers. I find visceral pleasure in the well written word and expertly crafted stories. I aspire to reach the same level of skill as authors like Jacqueline Carey. Their lush worlds, vibrant characters, and clever plots draw me in and have a mesmerizing hold on me. Reading is my escape just as much as my writing is. And I hope to make it a pleasurable escape for you, my readers.

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