Sunday, September 18, 2016


Hi everybody!

I just deleted a pair of comments this evening. I don't like to delete comments but these ones went against my rules for posting comments. If you want to advertise something, contact me. Pitch your idea to me, convince me that it is something worth my time and space on my blog. Also, note, that your advertisement is going to come at some type of price - which we will negotiate when you make your pitch.

The people and products that I link to or permit to advertise here compensate me for the privilege. If you try to be slick and post links with out approval, your comments and material is going to be deleted. If I have to do this multiple times, I am going to contact the folks who run Blogger to ban you from commenting on any of my blogs. Depending on the material, I may even report you for harassment.

I prefer not to have to do these things. Please, when you comment on posts stick to the subject matter or topics that are related to it. If you want to advertise something, contact me via e-mail. We can work out an arrangement. If you want me to review something or promote your work, contact me via e-mail. I recognize that there are other authors struggling to make their name known in the market. I recognize that there are other artists who are trying to make a bit of coin with their work. And I know that there are many people who are at varying points within the publication and marketing process who want to have people consider their services.

I want to see all of you succeed. Let's work together. Contact me. Pitch your ideas. Send me samples even. If you can't pay me with monetary compensation, something else can always be worked out. We're all creative people. We all can find away to barter or otherwise work something out between us. Don't go against my rules for posting comments here, please. I would like for things to remain pleasant between all of us.

Thank you for your readership. Have a great week.

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