Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Oddments and such.

I'm sitting here listening to a mournful Irish tune and just spinning my wheels trying to figure out how I am going to proceed. I have finished writing down all the edits that need to be made to book two of the Umbrel Chronicle's series. I am having a hard time getting up the courage to type them up. A part of me insists that I am going to mess things up even more. It looks like the version that the printers used to produce the book was the one with out the last set of edits.

And, much to my vexation, that final set of edits and such has gone missing. It makes me wonder if I accidentally deleted it when I thought I was saving it to the thumb drive. I am not very good with technology. (It has taken me almost a month with my new phone to figure out how to use the basic phone and text functions with some degree of confidence. And it is just a very basic Samsung smart phone. It is a few years old, even. I am just not good with stuff like that. I'm still figuring out what the hell I'm doing with this laptop.)

When I am not sitting here feeling super anxious that I am about to damn my work to increasingly more awful state by poking about at it, I am honestly stuck on how to move forward with the serial stories. The Iron Lily is progressing towards the first 'major' supernatural conflict. I am, however, at a loss for how to reach that point from where I am presently at. This is a flaw in my failure to come up with a sufficiently detailed outline. And then there is the tale of Dacia's War. I erroneously thought I had completed it. And then I realized that I only told the beginning of the entire thing. Cue my freaking out a bit over how to make that work.

Creative writing has been very challenging for the last few months. Tomorrow is literally my last day where I have a large portion of my day free for writing because it is the last day of school for my boys. I am quietly panicking over how I am going to get my writing commitments done. I told someone that book two was going to be available in finalized format next month. I have a serial story that I started on an entirely different platform that I have realized that I am stuck on trying to move more into the interesting 'meat' of the story rather than fussing about with window dressing. Exposition is nice and all but it has to end at some point to get to the main details eventually.

In other news, I am making some progress on my knitting for Yule and the gifts for the celebrations coming up over the next few months. It is, however, proving surprisingly hard to locate a balsa wood airplane that flies for my eldest to have for his birthday. I think I may have to run up to the hobby shop in the city at some point over the next few weeks. I don't think, though, I am organized enough to do much of a party for the boys this year and I feel somewhat bad about that. Ah well, such is life. And even with these minor challenges, life is good.

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