Thursday, October 8, 2015

What I'm working on: Writing time!

I have put the revisions for book three of the Umbrel Chronicles of Evandar on hold. I will be getting that one out to press. My plan is to have it available for purchase around Valentine's day. (Because nothing says 'I love you.' like a book about the horrors of a castle occupied by hostile forces, right? If it works for G. R. R. Martin, why not me?) But, that process is on hold right now.

I am at my favorite part of the writing process: writing the first draft. I have started work on writing book six of the Umbrel Chronicles. I am about a third of the way through chapter one. I makes me happy to be back in the world of Evandar. I find writing stuff set in that location helps me in many ways. The biggest way is that it relieves that itch to create something with the written word. I also find it very cathartic is more ways than I can express.

I am, however, hitting a few bumps. I have so many different characters that I am seriously considering making up a chart to show the relationships between them. It has me wondering if people who have written series of books have done the same thing. I have to go back into the other books to make sure that I have names and descriptions right. It is taking as much time as writing up new material. I'm pretty sure that is why I don't have chapter one finished right now.

The hardest part of the process right now is avoiding distractions. Because sometimes I get a little frustrated with how a scene is coming out and look for something to inspire me. This ends up, often, with my watching cat videos and derping around on Facebook. And now, Twitter is becoming part of the distraction websites. (This is why I usually close my web browser when I'm writing.)

Still, I am actively writing book six. This is a huge source of excitement and glee. I'm still planning on doing NaNoWriMo. I have a lot of fondness for it because that was something I did with my late dear friend, Liz. It is something that helps me keep something of our relationship alive even after she has passed. I think, however, that my efforts are going to be split between two different writing projects. I think I am not going to have this book finished by November first, so it will be one. And I am planning on writing a revision of Seeking Sanctuary, a fetish/science fiction book set in a world more like ours.

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