Thursday, August 13, 2015

Office Supplies? YES PLEASE!

It is back to school season. Office supplies are priced dirt cheap to get you in the stores to buy things in bulk for people going back to school. While I am not excited about getting school supplies, I am a little giddy with excitement about acquiring more things to use in my world building. One of my major things is doing idea work long hand. Hence my stack of notebooks and new file card system.

I don't go so far as sniffing that new marker smell, though I know a few people who do. But my little heart goes pitter-pat over those virginal notebooks, the plethora of pens, and all the organizing supplies I could need. I have to go shopping with a list so that I don't get carried away buying things. It makes me feel a little silly to confess this, but I suspect that there are plenty of others who do the same thing.

In my most recent office supply shopping foray, I picked up some sticky tabs to create your own tab divided notebook. As I have been working on organizing all of my back story stuff in to something I could work from more easily, I realized that dividing my material up into their own sections in the notebooks would probably work out exceptionally well for me. I thought about getting a five subject notebook, but I'm not fully decided on that yet.

I realize, however, that to truly make my organized system work, I will have to copy over material from the other notebooks into the new ones to their correct location. It looks like it will be a lot of work to do it by hand. Honestly, a part of me says I should just type it up, but it is a concept that just feels wrong. I admit it, I do a great deal of my writing on the basis of how it makes me feel. I suppose you could to some extent call my writing method emotionally driven. I learned at college, however, that using organizational methods that don't feel appropriate ends in very poor quality of work for me.

My pile of notebooks and journals has been growing again because it is that time of year. The hyper-critical part of my brain decries my collecting of notebooks, journals, and pens as a wasteful thing to do. The rest of me hogties that part of my brain and throws it into the dark basement where even the lone light bulb doesn't work, and then I get on with my work.

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