Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Exciting news!

The hardcover edition of The Dragon's Daughter is now available for purchase. If you buy through, you will get 10% off. The e-book version will be available soon.

The Dragon's Daughter is book one of the Umbrel Chronicles of Evandar. This is a series that tells the story of the events surrounding the wars of gods and men set in the world of Evandar. Book two is on the editing bench and I'm making good headway in getting it ready for beta readers.

A few folks have asked when the prequels to The Dragon's Daughter will be coming out. I am still in the midst of working on them. I hope to have the rough draft of the first book of the trilogy finished by late autumn of this year. I am currently engaged in developing character sketches for figures that will be featured in these three books. If you are interested in being featured as a character, fill out my questionnaire and e-mail me.

Fellow Authors please note:

If you are interested in writing fanfiction or collaborating with me on short stories set within my little world, contact me. I will be happy to feature your work on this blog and give links back to your work and/or blogs.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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