Sunday, October 19, 2014

New material coming soon!

I apologize for this blog being so quiet for so very long. Starting this week, I will be posting new material about the little world and continuing the story of Sorenan and Mina. One may be curious about the location of this story in relation to the places I speak of in my novels. This will be revealed as well as more about the nations surrounding Evandar.

It is my hope that you, my readers, will find this little world a place of richness, beauty, and powerful humanity. While some authors would discourage others from playing in their little worlds, I encourage it. All I ask is for there to be proper attribution and for you to follow canon. The world of Evandar has been my private playground ever since I was a child.

The reason why I am writing this series of books and I have this blog is very simple. I wish to share my little world with the 'real' world. It is my firm belief that the world of Evandar can be a place where we can explore what it means to be human and what our relationship with the world is. Philosophical questions like where did we originate and what is the purpose of life are themes that I want to see explored fully.

They are a task beyond my own measure. Thus, I open my arms and my little world to you, dear readers, so that you might help me with my quest. If you are interested in guest posting on here, please contact me.

The Umbrel Chronicles of Evandar are but the first steps of a very long journey. Come, join me and see what wonders await.

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