Monday, February 3, 2014

Sigurt, Roen, Kaileth, and Morguthu.

The faith of the Evandari people is polytheistic. Primary deities are Sigurt, Roen, Kaileth, and Morguthu. Sigurt and Roen are the most popular deities, as they are considered to be the originators of humanity by many. Sigurt is known as the Storm Lord and associated with the summer storms that roll through Evandar and bring much needed moisture during the hot and dry months. Sigurt is regarded as the source of divine justice and frequently petitioned upon such matters. Roen is commonly considered his bride. She is associated with the land and viewed as the mother of all life. Prosperity is considered a sign of Roen's blessing.

Roen is also considered by some to be the bride or consort of Morguthu. Depending on whom one speaks to, Roen's role as consort to Morguthu is to give shape to his will or she is the mercy of death in the midst of suffering. Morguthu is the god of sorrow, suffering, and evil. He is considered to be a deity of darkness, where as his brother Sigurt is associated with the sun. Morguthu is very strongly associated with violence and death. His priesthood are known for wearing the clothes of the dead. Morguthu is reckoned as the darkness between the stars and the biting cold of deep winter.

Kaileth is the god of the wind. He is considered the source of all magic, master of fate, and the agent of change. Kaileth is also the god of insanity. He is also a deity associated with death. Death from accident and old age fall under his purview. Kaileth is the brother of Roen. Where Roen is associated with things of the material nature, Kaileth is associated with energetic nature. Kaileth is also a shape changer. Kaileth is frequently considered to be in Sigurt's company and acts as a messenger of him and Roen.

Kaileth is opposed to Morguthu. Sigurt is opposed to Morguthu. Roen is Morguthu's victim and Sigurt's wife. Morguthu is opposed to Sigurt. He is vexed by Kaileth but not opposed to him. He desires to possess Roen. Kaileth and Roen are favorable towards each other, described in some tales as having worked together to create the whole of reality, which was then infused with life by way of Sigurt. The tales all agree that the first death brought into reality came from Kaileth's hand, thereby robbing Morguthu of absolute power over this realm.

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