Friday, June 25, 2010

Setting & Other Details

The works on this blog are a digital version of a series of writings that I am doing for a dear friend of mine. All work here is my intellectual property. Quotation and references made to it can be done for educational or personal use with proper credit given.

The setting of these stories is the world of Evandar. This is not only the setting of these stories but the name of the kingdom wherein a great deal of the action of my novels take place. Excerpts from the novels will be placed up here from time to time. I will give updates as to how I am progressing in my efforts for publication on these. This is a fantasy world and has many elements in common with the works of other authors in the genre.

It is not my intent to copy another's style or plagiarize their ideas. Any resembelances you find to another author's work is purely coincidental. The world, the characters that people it, and their stories are all the result of over 15 years of world building. This includes an almost obscene amount of research into various things that range from herbalism to medieval fabric making techniques. I will occasionally give commentary on these details, look for the tag 'Notes' or 'Commentary' attached to those posts.

All of this said, I'd like to dedicate this on going work to my friend Jerry and his wife, Jaime. They're two wonderful people who are working thru some significant difficulties right now. I hope that my stories serve as a plesant escape from their problems.

To all others who are reading this, enjoy and welcome to my little world.

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